Thermal Insulation


Buildings constructed of HEBEL AAC provide substantial energy savings in both hot and cold climates. The unique closed cellular structure and the thermal mass contribute to a high R-value and air-tightness which reduce heating and cooling costs and improve indoor air quality. Buildings have seen savings on air conditioning up to 35% by using HEBEL AAC.

AAC has exceptional thermal insulating qualities. In summer, the heat stored in the wall during the day is returned to the outside during the hours of the night. The interior remains cool and pleasant. In winter, the phenomenon is reversed and limits the heating periods and makes significant energy savings; Hebel AAC also removes the unpleasant sensation of cold wall.

Advantages of Thermal on Hebel AAC.
   Operational life time energy savings.
   Ability to store heat or cold.
   Great performance in R-Value
   No thermal bridging
   Vapor control
   Comfort-indoor air quality