Faster Construction


Hebel lightweight panels and blocks are faster to construct with and generally require significantly less labour compared to traditional construction techniques and products. Building with Hebel also means less mess on-site, cleaner, safer work areas and less clean-up at completion of construction.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems can be accommodated with AAC cored and U-shaped units as in conventional construction. AAC accommodates MEP systems by routing out the units after installation.

The wall is then prepped and finished. There are many types of fasteners, connectors and anchors available for AAC installation.


The speed and ease of overall structure assembly minimizes labor costs.

Advantages of faster construction performance on Hebel AAC.
   Speed and Labor Cost Savings
   1/4 the weight of traditional concrete
   AAC can easily be cut and shaped with traditional wood-working tools.
   Foundation sizes minimized
   Support structure minimized